Housekeeping supervisor


We’re hiring a housekeeping Supervisor with experience in cleaning roles and housekeeping requirements, based in the UAE. The ideal candidate should have strong communication skills, people management abilities, and a track record as a supervisor.

Housekeeping supervisor Responsibilities:

– Oversee and coordinate cleaning and housekeeping operations.
– Maintain high cleanliness standards.
– Train and develop cleaning staff.
– Communicate effectively with the team and clients.
– Manage inventory of cleaning supplies.


Proven experience, including supervisory roles.
– Excellent English communication skills.
– Strong interpersonal skills.
– Familiarity with UAE cleaning standards.
– Flexible availability.

If you’re a dedicated cleaner with supervisory experience and great communication skills, apply now! Submit your resume and a brief cover letter outlining your relevant experience. Join us in maintaining excellence in cleaning services.

our company operates for holiday homes and cleaning requirements, based on a quote.

working across Dubai and Sharjah.

package in close salary, bonus allowance, accommodation, food, transportation and medical care.

Interested candidates can send CV on

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Plan includes:

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