How to Become a Graphic Designer

How to Become a Graphic Designer

Graphic Design is a course that is getting much attention nowadays. Do you find it interesting to curate new designs? If yes, then you must consider exploring this field. This blog will guide you in all terms, from different types of designers to the expected salary. Discover how to become a Graphic Designer with this blog!

What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

Graphic Designers create visual content to engage and communicate ideas to a potential customer. They develop the layout for websites, magazines, packaging of different products, advertisements, brochures and reports. This field has a wide scope and includes many smaller works. If you want to go further in this career, you must be prepared for the following purposes:

  • You need to discuss the requirements regarding the project, with the clients and colleagues, which you will be doing
  • Proposing and finalizing the cost required to complete the project
  • Selection of the right and quality of material, technology or style to fulfil the project
  • Before presenting the final project, you must draw rough sketches or visuals on the computer to showcase the customer or client
  • Must know the essential computer software to formulate the result and designs finally
  • Generation of the definitive layout by including the details mentioned by the clients regarding the size, colour and style
  • Ensuring to work within the specified budget and meeting the deadlines for the projects.

Types of Graphic Designers 

The designing course includes all the activities right from making sketches to converting them into visuals. Small elements combine to make the ultimate work. So, the types of Graphic Design can be further categorized into:

  • Brand Visual Design
  • Marketing & Advertising Design
  • Typeface Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Product Design
  • Publishing
  • Environmental Design
  • Digital Design

Skill Required

A graphic designer must know all the factors constituting the field. To become a successful graphic designer, one must have the following essential skills: 

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Design Tools and Software
  • Visualisation Skills
  • UI/UX Skills
  • Typography
  • Artistic Skills

How to Become a Graphic Designer after 12th?

To become a successful professional Graphic Designer, you have to follow some steps that give you more clarity about your progress and future scope. The steps to be followed are:

  1. Know the basics: You must possess all the theoretical design knowledge. Not all the knowledge comes from doing a full-time degree. You need to be updated about the different practices followed across the world in this field by doing your research around tools, fonts, and techniques and identifying what works best in different scenarios to become the best in this field.
  2. Graphic designing course: You should try to get enrolled with a valuable institute offering this course. It is always good to opt for a renowned university for such courses that provide an updated curriculum as this is an always changing kind of field.
  3. Tools for designing: You must have to be aware of the basic software and other tools required for designing. Apart from that, keep checking the new tools that come up in the market which can be a logo maker or something else.
  4. Develop skills: After following the above points, you must practice enhancing your skills by doing projects. Start freelancing at an early stage, that will give you great exposure and a platform to implement all your learnings.
  5. Develop a portfolio: Developing your portfolio helps clients to identify your skills and talents.

Top Universities and Courses                   

Here are some of the popular universities in the world offering courses in Graphic Designing:

University  Country  Courses Offered 
University of Pennsylvania UK 1. Major in Fine Arts, specializing in Graphic Design
2. Minor in Fine Arts
3. Master of Fine Arts
University of Florida US 1. BFA in Graphic Design
2. MFA in Studio Art with a Concentration in Graphic Design
Boston University US 1. BFA in Graphic Design
2. MFA in Graphic Design
Carnegie Mellon University US 1. BDes in Graphic Design
2. BXA in Design and either humanities or sciences
3. Minor in Design
4. MA in DesignMPS in Design for Interactions
5. MDes in Design for Interactions
6. PhD in Design Studies
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  US 1. BFA in Graphic Design
Politecnico di Milano Italy 1. BSc in Graphic Design
Aalto University Finland 1. BA in Graphic Design
Nottingham Trent University UK 1. BFA in Graphic Design
School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) US 1. BFA in Graphic Design
Pratt Institute US 1. BFA in Graphic Design

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Career Opportunities

If you decide to enter this career, various options are waiting for you. From becoming a leader in a team to providing freelance services, this career has a wider scope. Listed below are the jobs you can apply for:

  • Creative Director
  • Engineering and Architecture Drafter
  • Animator or Multimedia Artist
  • Video/Song/Film Editor
  • Web Designer
  • Campaign Manager
  • Product Designer

Salary Insights 

If you have sufficient experience of 5-6 years in this field, you are likely to get a salary that varies from $4,261 per month However, you don’t have to limit yourself by working constantly in any organization. If you are a person who loves flexibility, you can offer freelance services that will help you explore more opportunities rather than limiting yourself to one place for a long time.

Today, the demand for this profession is more than ever. As the world is walking on the path of digitalization, it needs creative skills and knowledge of designing software. We hope that this blog on how to be a Graphic Designer will help you identify the right path for you

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