Cheap Car Insurance In UAE

Cheap Car Insurance In UAE

Car insurance for some is almost more expensive than the car registration renewal itself and, in UAE, that can mean huge bills on an already high cost of living. However, cheap car insurance in UAE is not only possible, but it is surprisingly easy to find. The trick is finding a policy that keeps you covered while still being affordable. This is how you can reduce your insurance rates and still have good coverage when it comes to your car insurance policy in the UAE.

1. Have a Good Driving Record

While this isn’t something that you can go back and fix, a good driving record free of at-fault collisions and damages is still one of the easiest ways to get cheaper insurance. When you have a clean record, insurance companies will see you as less of a risk, and therefore your policy can end up being more affordable. However contrary to popular belief, because of inflation it is unlikely that your insurance plan will decrease in cost as your driving record stays clean over the years.

2. Make Some Changes to Your Policy

Depending on your plan and policy, you may be able to downgrade or remove certain aspects to save money. This is a surefire way to reduce your monthly rates but bear in mind that it does mean you will carry more of the financial burden in the event of an incident. In general, there are three ways you can reduce your monthly limit by changing your plan:

  • Increase your deductible: You will be responsible for more money in the event of an accident but you will also pay less month-to-month.
  • Get rid of collision coverage: Most older car renewals in UAE will be write-offs in collisions anyway, so you can sometimes get away with collision coverage when operating older vehicles.
  • Go minimal: While this will stick you with more financial burdens in the event of an incident, getting the bare minimum coverage will reduce your monthly rates by a noticeable amount.

3. Do Your Research

Like almost every major purchase, doing your research is extremely important and can lead to better products for less money. Insurance, while more complicated than most things you buy, is no different. Shop around for plans, get educated at websites like Insurancehub, and always get as much information as you possibly can. By getting informed, you can start to understand what plan works best for you. It may not be the cheapest overall, but if you have the right information, it will be the most affordable plan for you overall.

Finding the best cheap car insurance in uae is about doing the research and finding what you are willing to risk compared to what you are willing to pay. Bear in mind that the cheapest policy may not be the most affordable in the long run. If you want a cheaper policy, get educated by enquiring with us over the phone, and don’t be afraid to shop around for the deal that’s best for you.

Some of the famous and best cheap car insurance in UAE

1- Oman Insurance Company

This insurance company has been providing services for motor insurance for more than 30 years. Oman Insurance Co. offers both comprehensive and third-party insurance to both private and commercial vehicles. This company offers you normal coverage options and along with this, it also gives you some additional benefits like 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, agency repair for up to 3 years, protection from natural disasters, and third-party insurance damage up to 3,500,000 AED. It also offers you personal accident cover for both drivers and passengers up to 200,000 AED and many more.

2- AXA Car Insurance

AXA is one of the largest and top insurance brands in the UAE. It also provides both comprehensive and third-party insurance. It is also ranked the number 1 company globally. It also offers you a 10% discount if you avail of it online from online portals. You can submit your claims online or by calling customer care. It offers comprehensive coverage for up to 15 years. It gives you the insurance of RTA inspection done if it is required. Along with these some additional benefits are breakdown recovery, 24/7 road assistance, pick and drop service to the repair centres and back, and replacement of car in case of a claim.

3- AIG Car Insurance

It is one of the best online portal insurance companies, offering quick and customized services. It designed its policies by keeping customer safety a priority. Their online portal offers you fresh quotes, helps in the renewal of insurance, and also provides you assistance in car hire replacement. Its insurance policy is valid for 13 months. It provides you with agency repair, roadside assistance, off-road cover, dent repair, ambulance fees, and 12 12-month waiver of depreciation. If you are looking for the best car insurance company in Dubai, AIG can be the best for you.

4- Al Fujairah National Insurance Company

This company has provided comprehensive coverage in the UAE for more than 40 years. It is one of the oldest insurance companies in the Emirates. It has a wide clientele in the UAE. It provides comprehensive and extensive car insurance options. Al Fujairah National Insurance Company offers both comprehensive and third-party insurance and provides you cover for theft, collision, fire, external explosion, overturning, and accidents. It also provides coverage for both drivers as well as passengers.

5- Orient Insurance Company

It is also known as Motor Plus. This company started its journey in 1982 and provided services to the residents of the UAE. It also provides benefits to customers around the world. It covers third-party damage to a maximum of 1,000,000. It provides additional benefits such as Oman coverage, protection against flood, storm, or any other natural disaster, protection for personal effects, clothing against fire, off-road covers, protection against strikes and riots, and many more.

How to get cheap car insurance in UAE?

Follow the following steps to get cheap car insurance in Dubai:

1- First of all, get your No-claims discounts.

2- Pick up and choose your optional add-on.

3- Raise your surplus.

4- Before making an option, look for discounts and offers.

5- Avoid modifying your car.

6- Check for the multi-car discounts.

7- Look for the indirect ways and save your money.

8- Consider TPL (Third-Party Liability) insurance.

In case you are renting a car in UAE, make sure to contact your Cheap Rent a Car UAE  agency and ask every essential detail about covering the insurance for your hired vehicle.

You can choose one of the above-mentioned companies to get your car insurance to avoid issues in the future.

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